Sonia Shakerley
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SoniaSonia was born in a farming village in Taiwan called Sun Moon Lake.  Her tribe are called the Thao and they are a very industrious, creative tribe who make everything by hand.  Her earliest memory is watching her grandfather make drums and musical instruments to play music for the village temple.
She has a love of travel and meeting people, learning their cultures and languages along the way.  In 1988 she travelled to the Philippines where she lived and worked alongside fellow artists to create beautiful sculptures and jewellery out of seashells, driftwood, pieces of string, leather, wood and wire.  This is where she honed her craft and found that her true talent lies in jewellery design.
  Eventually she settled in England and went on to create two gorgeous daughters.
Quickly returning to her first love of jewellery making she created bespoke pieces for private clients. Due to enormous demand her collection has grown steadily.  She continues to travel to source natural gems and stones to produce truly unique pieces.
‘My inspirations are many and varied. I am drawn to nature and can feel the energy of each piece I find.  Day after day I go through hundreds of stones by hand to create the perfect harmony. They all have different properties. I feel it is an honour to come across these stones – it is almost as if they choose me rather than the other way around. There is an inherent spirituality in my work and I am privileged to be doing something that I love and that brings others happiness even in some small way.
‘I love hearing stories of how my customers discover my pieces. A man from New York was looking for a combination of birthstones for his wife, daughter and newborn son. I had created a ring that had exactly those stones and he was overjoyed to discover it and bought it on the spot.

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